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Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1

by Pepe Deluxé

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Decipan (Fan)
Decipan (Fan) thumbnail
Decipan (Fan) This is a masterpiece. Spare Time Machine was my favourite Pepe release until this one. everything about it just works do beautifully together
Deaf Gilgamesh
Deaf Gilgamesh thumbnail
Deaf Gilgamesh this is outrageously fun! Favorite track: Fire Up the Crimson Lion.
Nigel Carling
Nigel Carling thumbnail
Nigel Carling I have waited nine long years for this and it doesn't disappoint. I love the idea that people can make such music with such freedom and no thoughts of commercial gain. This is massively produced but still pure. I love you Jari and your merry crew. Music should make you feel happy... This is digital sunshine... Or Prozac ❤️ Favorite track: Girl from Satanville ft. Demon Fuzz.
kingravana thumbnail
kingravana I had a good time. PC Vol.1 is masterful and speedy. pepe deluxé and the folks at Catskills records. 2021 is good. Favorite track: Tyger Boy, Rocket Boy.
C'mon - we've been us, C'mon - we've been them, C'mon - we've been looking, looking for a gem. C'mon - we've been none, C'mon - we've been some, C'mon - we've been marching to a different drum. A still, quiescent feeling sometimes grows too big and must be given a journey. We are friends searching for a lost valley. Lonely Mountains, they guard that jewel, we know. C'mon - we've been young, C'mon - we've been old, giving in to legends letting them unfold. C'mon - we've been none, C'mon - we've been some, C'mon - we've been marching to a different drum. The things I've seen with, I've seen with my ears, my mind playing, staying with the things I've seen with, I've seen with my ears, all those places, faces, over the years. In a beauteous garden we stargaze, and hear revelry noises of a feast from a shimmering distance that's ablaze, magic fires delight and they amaze. Odd are flames that dance, odd are their wild swings, odd are moving shadows, odd are songs they sing, odd are silhouettes, odd are thoughts they bring, odd are stars above us, odd are their playthings... I have seen with, I've seen with my ears, my mind playing, staying with the things I've, I've seen with my ears, all those places, faces, over all these years. Your eyes they spin you lies and cheat you, and tell your brain to keep you all blind. The quest for Shangri-la is untrue, till child is father of the man's mind. Yeah yeah yeaaah! A strange garden of a fantastic, a fantastic house that is overlooking a river in a lush, green valley of the mountains... Where everyone you happen upon (repeat * 12) is ... (Spoken) an adventure? C'mon - we've been lost, C'mon - we've been found, C'mon - we've been questing hi and low for sounds. C'mon - we've been none, C'mon - we've been some, C'mon - we've been marching to a different drum. Seen with, I've seen with my ears, those who seek, sought the valley. Seen with, I've seen with my ears, all those places, faces, over the years.
A lil' big muff and tons of fuzz, that freaky woman gives me a buzz. A lil’ bit of love with all stops out, “organ donor” she makes me shout. When she walks she really rocks behind. Ain't that enough to blow your mind? AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYEAAAH! “Tener los huevos de corbata” (“to wear your balls as a tie” =to feel tense/fear) “Aaaaah… what the hell am I babbling about? “What what what’s going on?!?” Hey there she goes ... (Auuuuuuhhhhhh!!! ) Long black hair, long black car, long long boots, she looks like a star... ...of a really freaky flick. Superstar, superstar. Yeaaaahhhh. Aahh yeaaahhh. All right now. Gimme some tom tom. That's what I'm talking about. Now listen: “For years I was a zombie but she bought me back from the dead Now I'm a headless body in a topless bar, and she plays me like a ... “ She...she's so far out, almost gone now yet she turns my bad self on. On and on and on, lemme hear it. Yeah yeah yeah I like her like that, turning good to bad. “Just what is it that makes today’s women so different, so appealing? “Well're married.” “Oh ... you're really not like the other girls, are you? Where are you from?” “Satanville”
It’s a morning beautiful for mankind. It’s a dawning beautiful for we’ve been blind. Terra incognita, undiscovered realms, hear their call. The future is invented, progress for us all. Who All those Who All Those Who needs those old kings and queens? They’re useless! We have electric telegraph and we have steam! “Annihilating time and Space!” Young minds’ revolution, let the dinosaurs twist and fall. The future is imagined, no fable is too small. “Hail to the red-hot wizards of the west!” “Hail to the dreamers who invent the future!” “Hail to the new kings and queens, baby!”
New master in town, poetaster true-bred and born, odic doodads superbly vain, plain nympholeptic swain. He got corsets, (corset) gastronomical suicide tights, (fit it) he green lighting bazooka blondes, (in a) Mondo Caning place. (where he stays) Twenty seconds, (feels like forever) randy and hung, /young, (coming fully together) twenty second - (in no time whatever) he is the century’s dandy. Toxic nada (nada) admission upper snobiety, (got it?) box fresh bodies all famous for being so (famous) necessary zeros, (no-ones) mimetically free, (free me) solo gigolos, Ouijas , (see me)/(tell me) live and die by high spying eyes, (watch me) / (catch me) flimflam hologram days. (big mother) Twenty seconds, (impress forever) randy and hung, /young, (coming fully together) twenty second – (no time for whoever) he is the century’s dandy. “Give him the crown- give him the crown” JAPANESE BREAK “They come in as fine clay and leave as the crowns of creation. Out of the chaos I separate heaven and earth. In my atelier I sculpt new Davids. Buddha grew a mullet to get a fresh cut from me. Super-Dandy sunrise, looking like a million million yens. Name your style and I will deliver. All for a small offering to my temple of groom.” Head -master in town, (master) astir gravitas pulling all in, (faster) suit to suit 40 times a day, (forty) he’s ruling with those diffe..... (different) sways! Twenty seconds, (mad guts whenever) randy and hung, /young, (staying vernal forever) twenty second (in every endeavor ) he is the century’s dandy. He’s a perfect object, a mirror-like lover. The Cult of self discovers they're alone with every… one one one one/none none.
Bo-bo-bo-bo, boom - boom goes the big bass drum, boom - boom and we gonna get some, boom - boom ra-ka-ta-ka-ta-ka-taa, boom - bomm a-ling-a-ding-ding-ding. Big-a-big-a-big-bad-bass, a-right-a-right-a-right in your face, boom - boom goes the big bass drum, boom - boom and we gonna have fun! Wood peck, a-peckity-peck, wood-wood-peck-peckity-peck-fat-check. Peck-peck, peck-peckity-check. Wow! Jing-jangy, a cling-clang-bangy, a-cheek-a-sqeak, a-ding-dong-sneaky-like-a-freaky, sneak anotha peeky. (Repeat)
Our journey thru the Halls of Kalevala starts from the northern entrance. Please follow me! Ladies and Gentlemen: this building is an epitome of architecture; the art that gives shelter to and leads all the other arts to the future… and beyond. We have arrived at a wing housing 36 chambers of innovation; It’s a stronghold of research for the brightest minds. Please heed the warning signs! As we move on, notice the large empty spaces on the walls ; during the next few hundred years they will all be filled with tomorrow’s master painters’ frescoes. And now, the very heart of the building: the Pantheon! It's time to get down, down to “Tuonela”, the Underworld, a crypt of the champions, the final resting place for the great and the good. It is believed they will rise from their tombs when the worst danger threatens the motherland. Be careful, the stairs are slippery! This way, please. Here, on this exact spot where I stand right now, Eliel Saarinen’s visiting colleague Le Corbusier promptly threw himself on the floor and tantrummed: "This monstrous building, like a charnel-house, is strewn with the detritus of dead epochs!" Fortunately, the possibly awkward situation was averted when Saarinen quickly produced a little packet from his coat pocket: “Charlie, I bet I’m more modern and functional than you are: I drew the first plans of this house on a pack of ‘worker man’ –cigarettes”. And here we have the original pack - you can take photos but no flash, thank you. Replicas are available at the gift shop. (Choir) The gift shop! Now we’ve finally come to the last section of our tour: a purgatory of stairs, 404 steps to be precise, that we need to ascend in order to reach the paradise at the top of the tower - a breathtaking panorama, embracing in one glance the entire glorious city and its magnificent surroundings.
Amore sola mi fa remirare, la sol mi fa sollecita. (Love only makes me remember, it alone makes me alert) If everything is a gateway to this everything, better follow thru. Where you cannot go, what you cannot show, you know. A helicopter, a diving suit. An ornithopther, a parachute. A robot lion, a machine gun. An organista and rhythms sung. Strangest daydreams, playing in the now eternal, why wait and see; go where can't be gone in 4-D. Boss DM rolls those devil's bones. You smell trouble, deeds in darker tones. Never lose that smile, memories will pile up. Strangest daydreams, playing in the now eternal, why wait and see; go where can't be gone in 4-D. A (*choir note* - other notes wordless) Drum Machine (program my) Michelangelo (beat) -ten but not out, clout, back in old days Vinci that's .... AMORE "Live at the very heart of true romance." La la la ooh la la, lovely day, for a getaway, play around, step off the edge. GO! throw yourself in to the fire, chimera’s pyre, dive deeper in the vortex of flames, try catch a spark, bring light to dark spaces o’ foolish stuntin’, treasure huntin’. EN-LIGHTE-NING-RIDE. (lead fills): Playing in the now eternal / go where can’t be gone Amo RE – SOL – LA – MI – FA – RE – MI rare, LA – SOL – MI – FA – SOL lecita.
Sommarland 04:13
“Ficklampa, Fällkniv, Sovsäck, Let’s go!” (Flash light, Pocket Knife, Sleeping Bag, Let's go!) Sommarland, (summerland) sommarland, yeah. Take my hand, sommarland. Oooh, yeah, yeah, yeah. “Tröja, Termos, Metspö, Let’s go!” (Sweater, Thermos, Fishing rod, Let's go!) Sommarland, sommarland, yeah. Close at hand, sommarland. Oooh, ye-ye-yeah, yeah, ye-ye-yeah. Om du vill så kan du och jag, flyga iväg. (If you want, you and I can fly away.) Först ett dopp sen lyfter vi upp, högt över träden. (First a quick dip, then we lift off, over the trees.) Vart går den här stigen? (Where does this path go?) I solen, I ditt sommarland. (In the sun, in your Summerland) Your summerland. En glänta bortom tiden, ( To a glade beyond time) I doften av ditt sommarland. (In the scent of your summerland.) Our summerland. Simmar ut i sommarviken, (Swimming away in the summer bay) ryser lätt håll min hand. (shiver lightly, hold my hand.) Take my hand, hold my hand. Somna sött, sommarbrisen, (Sweet dreams, summer breeze) lugn och varm, sommarland. (calm and warm, summerland.) And we’ll go back to summerland.
Get ready for Placebo PCB-1, the most incredible guitar pedal of all time! It’s the first ever gadget to fully utilize the placebo effect and it was exclusively designed for the “gimme everything right NOW” –generation. What you don’t have, you get from this box! Here’s a sample now of the Placebo in action. Let’s start with the “Skills” and “Sound” controls – listen what happens when I add a bit of both: And “Speed” – let’s turn that all the way up: Blasting right off to the moon, man! And now the 3-position “Level” switch: starting with “Normal”… …stepping up to “Hero”… ….OK get ready: the “God” mode! Yeaaah! Far our, maaaan! Placebo PCB-1: it waves goodbye to the archaic 10 000 hours rule, makes tedious practice unnecessary and unleashes your true potential. Let’s have one more example: listen to the difference when I turn both “Style” and “Soul” down… That’s beautiful man, beautiful. Get with it, get a Placebo and get whatever you want with your axe! “Placebo Rocks!” “... says Phill Brown, the engineer for Hendrix, Stones, Zeppelin, Floyd, Bowie, Marley, Ellington, Cohen, Meters, Springfield, Eno, Beck, Cocker"
Once upon a time an evil wicked Empire did govern the world. They invaded all the countries but one in ten, and that’s only ‘cause, *choir*(TIP-PO) only ‘cause they could not find them, (TIP-POU) not even Sweden. (TIP-PO) Warlords ravaging lands until they faced .. (TIP-PO) Tiger Tiger Boy-oy Rocket Rocket Boy-oy A night of desire was succeeded by a morning of its fulfillment. A rocketing rise of a star, of the brightest star… …of the constellation of power and dignity. Born a son of, of a soldier (TIP-PO) of good fortune. Fortune made him, (TIP-PO) made him a prince (regal) and a Sultan, (TIP-PO) ruling wisely (regal) burning brightly. (TIP-PO) Tiger Tiger Boy-oy Rocket Rocket Boy-oy It’s … it’s better to live (TIP-PO) a day like a tiger (TIP-PO) than one, one and one thousand years (TIP-PO) (TIP-PO) as… as a jackal. “Hitting the enemy with the flying plague of Tippoo’s sword-tipped rockets. “ Cruising elephants and the rockets’ red glare there, confusing the evil Empire’s army utterly. Freedom fighters won. A home run for the Tiger of Mysore. What kind of a monster takes children as hostages? Tippoo’s sons were stolen away. A Judas let the enemy in. Tiger fighting on on on on on n’ on. “Dressed in his finest, firing muskets handed him by his servants as if he was at a sporting shoot … but the odds were too great.” “KING DOWN!” People crying. (TIP-PO) Evil pillaging. (TIP-PO) Laughing Tiger. (TIP-PO) Tumbling Empire. (TIP-PO) Time forgot those men. (TIP-PO) The Tiger rules again. (TIP-PO)


Pepe Deluxé's are proud to present their new album "Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1", their since 2012's masterpiece "Queen Of The Wave"

Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 is inspired by the golden age of records, and it features the most insane collection of instruments on any album - or anywhere - ever! From the largest to the loudest musical instrument in the world, from Alexander Bell's human ear recorder to a Tibetan human skull drum, from the oldest synthesizer in the world to a synthesizer designed for group sex, from da Vinci’s drum machine to God’s Trumpet, captured with an occult Soviet machine …and everyone’s favourite the world’s largest cowbell. This peculiar assemblage contains sounds from dozens of incredible and extraordinary instruments, recorded at various museums, universities, and private collections around the world.


released October 22, 2021


all rights reserved



Pepe Deluxé Helsinki, Finland

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