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Big Fat Woodpecker

by Pepe Deluxé

Bo-bo-bo-bo, boom - boom goes the big bass drum, boom - boom and we gonna get some, boom - boom ra-ka-ta-ka-ta-ka-taa, boom - bomm a-ling-a-ding-ding-ding. Big-a-big-a-big-bad-bass, a-right-a-right-a-right in your face, boom - boom goes the big bass drum, boom - boom and we gonna have fun! Wood peck, a-peckity-peck, wood-wood-peck-peckity-peck-fat-check. Peck-peck, peck-peckity-check. Wow! Jing-jangy, a cling-clang-bangy, a-cheek-a-sqeak, a-ding-dong-sneaky-like-a-freaky, sneak anotha peeky. (Repeat)
Our journey thru the Halls of Kalevala starts from the northern entrance. Please follow me! Ladies and Gentlemen: this building is an epitome of architecture; the art that gives shelter to and leads all the other arts to the future… and beyond. We have arrived at a wing housing 36 chambers of innovation; It’s a stronghold of research for the brightest minds. Please heed the warning signs! As we move on, notice the large empty spaces on the walls ; during the next few hundred years they will all be filled with tomorrow’s master painters’ frescoes. And now, the very heart of the building: the Pantheon! It's time to get down, down to “Tuonela”, the Underworld, a crypt of the champions, the final resting place for the great and the good. It is believed they will rise from their tombs when the worst danger threatens the motherland. Be careful, the stairs are slippery! This way, please. Here, on this exact spot where I stand right now, Eliel Saarinen’s visiting colleague Le Corbusier promptly threw himself on the floor and tantrummed: "This monstrous building, like a charnel-house, is strewn with the detritus of dead epochs!" Fortunately, the possibly awkward situation was averted when Saarinen quickly produced a little packet from his coat pocket: “Charlie, I bet I’m more modern and functional than you are: I drew the first plans of this house on a pack of ‘worker man’ –cigarettes”. And here we have the original pack - you can take photos but no flash, thank you. Replicas are available at the gift shop. (Choir) The gift shop! Now we’ve finally come to the last section of our tour: a purgatory of stairs, 404 steps to be precise, that we need to ascend in order to reach the paradise at the top of the tower - a breathtaking panorama, embracing in one glance the entire glorious city and its magnificent surroundings.


Hey there, stranger! It’s been too long! Remember us? Pepe Deluxé, those fine purveyors of furious drums and crazy tunes?

Well, we’re back with our first single from our forthcoming, new album “Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1” – it’s called Big Fat Woodpecker, of course. You probably remember it fondly from a half-forgotten dream, waking from your slumber, desperately trying to grasp onto it as it slips through your fingers, wondering where it had gone?

’Big Fat Woodpecker’ (out 28 July 2021), a rampaging, pre-Beatles rock’n’roll goof featuring raucous rhythm’n’blues belter Barrence Whitfield of The Savages (and the only man who can and has! out-screamed The Sonics). Poppy and bouncy on top, sonically multi-layered beneath it features the 1847 invention of Alexander Graham Bell which contains a real human ear cartilage, four Guinness World Records (including “loudest instrument ever constructed”), 9th-century Parisian philosophical instruments: monastery bells saved from the invading Soviet army; and Tolkien’s drum track recorded in a large number of unusual spaces including a moving elevator.

B-side, the off-the-wall-lounge-psych yarn ‘Halls of Kalevala,’ is the musical representation of the mythical Kalevala House. It was recorded by Monkees producer Chip Douglas and narrated by ‘60s synth pioneer Cyrus Faryar (whose studio, whilst we’re compiling weird and wonderful facts, was built by none other than a young Harrison Ford).

Available to stream and download from all good (and evil) services, but also available as a STRICTLY LIMITED 7 Single – when the vinyl finally arrives probably in mid-late August from the good people at Catskills Records!


released July 28, 2021


all rights reserved



Pepe Deluxé Helsinki, Finland

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